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The game Lucky Jet is a real jet backpack for your wallet. This new generation cash game has become a real hit at 1win online casino, one of the most popular online casinos on the internet. In a matter of seconds, Lucky Jet allows you to get a win that is many times higher than the original bet. The size of the jackpot depends only on the reaction speed and excitement of the player! The Lucky Jet game is an analogue and successor of such mega popular games as Aviator and Crash. The rules of the game are simple: you need to place a bet and have time to withdraw it before Lucky Joe with a backpack of luck on his back gains height and flies away. Otherwise, the bet will burn out and you will lose. Each flight of Happy Joe is a separate round in the game. The flight time is the coefficient by which the initial bet is multiplied. The maximum coefficient in the game Lucky Jet is 200. In order to start the game, you need to select the amount before the start of the round and click on the Bet button. In manual mode, you will need to follow the flight of Lucky Joe and, before it ends, have time to press the Withdraw button. In this case, the winnings depend only on the player and the coefficient that will be at the time of withdrawal. For advanced players who apply successful gaming strategies, there are automation processes. The game interface features "Auto bet" and "Auto withdrawal". They allow you to set the required amount for participation in each round and the size of the maximum coefficient, upon reaching which, the bet will be withdrawn automatically. The main window of the Lucky Jet game displays the history of the latest odds. Based on it, you can always calculate what the duration of the last flights was and how regularly the largest coefficient fires. In addition to the betting panel, the interface displays a detailed “Live Betting” panel. It displays in real time the number of all players, the size of their bets and winnings. On separate tabs, you can view statistics on the size and coefficient of your own bets, as well as analyze the data of the most successful players. The data of the TOP players for the last day will be useful for understanding what the maximum odds were played today. The impartiality of the game is guaranteed by the latest PROVABLY FAIR algorithm, which is used to generate the winning odds. Being an online game, Lucky Jet is also insured against technical problems. is a place where you can not only play for money, but also find interesting people to talk to. In the chat, you can always chat with other users, discuss the strategy of the game, enjoy your luck or complain about the loss. Lucky Jet is a new generation online game (similar to the Aviator and Crash games), where you need to bet and withdraw money before Lucky Joe flies away. However, climbing means increasing the coefficient, so it is important to decide in time when to withdraw money.



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