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Q-Do we need our own cars?

A-No, not during Round Racing or Open Practice


Q-What is a Round Racing?

A-Eight competitors race one time on 8 lanes which equals one round.


Q-How much is it to race at MSR?

A-Each racer will pay $10 per hour for OPEN PRACTICE & $25 per night for ROUND RACING.


Q-How many rounds per night is a competitor allowed to race?

A-Unlimited, if slots in each round are available.


Q-What is the minimum amount of competitors NEEDED for a round to start?

A-Eight competitors are required to start a round.


Q-What time to the races start?

A-Please refer to race schedule updated daily on the MSR website.  Races will always start on the top of the hour.


Q-What happens if a signed up competitor is late for his or her round?

A-Races will always start PROMPTLY on the top of the hour.  If competitors are late they will forfeit their slot for that particular race but can race for the remainder of the round.  Competitors will still earn last place points for the race missed.


Q-How is a car chosen for a competitor during Roung Racing?

A-Race cars are all chosen at random by the timing system.


Q-How many laps is one race?

A-The number of laps will be five but can change.


Q-How long will one round last?

A-Each round will last approximately 30-45 minutes with eight competitors.


Q-Will there be a winner at the end of the round?

A-Yes, of course.  Total points will be accumulated for the eight races and the point’s leader will take the championship for that round.


Q-Do competitors race the same cars all night?

A-Of course not.  Each competitor races 8 different cars per round.  (A new car for every race)


Q-Will there be a lap timing & counting system?

A-Yes, of course.  MSR’s track is outfitted with a state of the art infrared timing system from Trackmate Racing.


Q-Can racers bring their own car?

A-Racers are welcome to bring their own slot cars during Open Practice hours on Mondays, Thursday, Saturday, & Sundays. 


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MSR is a fun, inexpensive and highly competitive way for race fans and gamers to break a sweat by braking hard at the apex, while overcoming head-to-head racing challenges usually reserved for professionals.

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