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MSR 1/32 Slot Car Motor Dyno Tester Rev. 2


The wait is over! 

  • Now you can test all your motors against eachother in the confort of your home!
  • Generator motor puts very little drag on motor being tested so you can be sure of your #1 winner!
  • Made from Resin & high quality black delrin plastic
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Pre-wired generator motor INCLUDED
  • Long - Short combo pulley INCLUDED 


This unit does not measure rpm but rather voltage generated.


Directions for use are as follows,


  • Insert the motor being tested into the right hand motor pod.
  • Install supplied pulley on motor being tested.
  • Connect o-ring to pulleys between the motor being tested and the "generator" motor pre-installed in the MSR motor dyno.
  • Align motor being tested with "generator" motor and tighten the motor set screw on right hand motor pod.
  • Connect positive and negative leads to motor being tested.
  • Set voltage on power supply to desired testing voltage. Usually, the voltage of the track you are planning to race on.
  • The voltage display will show you how much voltage your motor being tested is able to generate by pushing the "generator" motor which also simulates a load on the motor similar to having it installed in a car.
  • Repeat process with all your motors to find the most powerful!!!

MSR 1/32 Slot Car Motor Dyno Tester Rev. 2

Only 5 left in stock
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